Propelling Athletics Auxiliary Camp brings certified instructors to your doorstep to deliver an extraordinary camp that will prepare and excite your auxiliaries for the season ahead.

Our signature camp provides all aspects of auxiliary showmanship; stands, parades, pep rallies, and half-time performance materials.

Our focus is the developing of student’s confidence to perform in front of others with style, energy, and grace. We are here to give your line the skills to shine on and off the field while enhancing the awareness and fun of auxiliary sportsmanship.

Not only does our mobile camp help to ensure safety by limiting contact with large groups of people, but the streamlined camp allows the instructors to focus on the specific area the band director/sponsor sees fit. Let us save you the headache of securing the extra funding, busses, additional safety protocols, and paperwork needed for your line(s) to come to us, and let us come to serve you!

To become a PAA Camper register your team online today!